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Electric Stoves
For our full inventory, please visit us in store or give us a call! Appliances displayed on this page may be sold.
​Brand: Kenmore
Dimensions: 47" x 30" x 26" 

starting price $350.00

prices incluides taxes
​Color: White
Warranty: 6 Months
Condition: Excellent
Some Special Features on our Electric Stoves: 

- Elements
- Digital Timers
- Digital Controls
- Broiler
- Oven Window
- Oven Lights
- 1 or 2x's Grates
- Temperature Knobs
- Knobs on Top Panel
- Self Cleaning Ovens
- Oven Door Locks
- Preheat Settings

Colors that we sell: 
- White
- Black

- 30" Electric Stoves
- 24" Electric Stoves
- 20" Electric Stoves

- 6 Month (refurbished) 

we have refurbished and new 

Please call to verify. Exceptions may apply. 

We have different brands and sizes available
price varies
We have different brands, sizes and colors
price varies
Brand: Brown

starting price $550.00   

prices incluides taxes
​Color: White
Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New