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ALKA Refrigerators
Refrigerators are an essential part of any home. Whether you're storing food or stocking leftovers, refrigerators keep you happier, healthier, and wealthier. 

Here at ALKA Appliances, our priority is getting you the refrigerator that you need and deserve. Do you have a small space? Do you need a large amount of storage space? Maybe you want an ice maker for hotter days or the end of your daily jog.
Whatever your home refrigeration needs, we'll meet them.  
For our full inventory, please visit us in store or give us a call! 

All our refurbished appliances have 6 months warranty.

We also do repairs! 
Top Freezer Refrigerators
The most basic refrigerator for apartments, homes, or businesses. The freezer section is on top and the refrigerator on bottom. 

Price $280 - $500
These refrigerators are just as literal as the Bottom-Freezers. The refrigerator and freezer compartments are side by side with the latter chamber on the left and the former on the right. 

Price $620 - $900
Bottom Freezer Refri's
Bottom Freezers are loved by people who don't like to bend down to look into their refrigerator all the time. They are great for families or individuals that have back problems or similar health issues. 
Bottom Freezers
Bottom Freezers are perfect for a loved one who doesn't want to or simply cannot bend down to see the refrigerator section. 

Price $450 - $650
Also known as Trios, French Doors are famous for their 3 doors: Two on the top, one on the bottom, configured just like a bottom-freezer. 
French doors tend to be deluxe and more luxorious than other types of refrigerators and can be quite expensive, but at ALKA, you're almost guaranteed to save hundreds!

Price $850 - $1,345
French Doors
Some Special Features: