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ALKA Sets 
We pair washers and dryers into sets to save you money. These sets typically come with the same brand and model of washer and dryer (though not always) and are sold together for your convenience. Sets are great for a family who might have moved or are looking to upgrade a very old washer and dryer all at once. 

Stackables are perfect for anyone with precious space to spare. The washer and dryer are stacked high instead of wide to save you room. The dryer portion of these appliances come in either electric or gas depending on what we have available in store. Just call us and ask!
Sets are usually paired by brand and Dryers come in either Gas or Electric. 

Combine these great offers with free local delivery and installation for both the washer and dryer and you have an amazing deal!

Price: $750-1200
                     washer cover
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Stackables are great additions to homes with little room to spare. Whether it goes in your laundry room or a hideway throughout the house. Just make sure you have all the measurements right and the right connections for water, gas, or electric hook-ups. Calls us if you have any question.

Price: $865 card $850 cash 
Washer and Dryer covers
                         dryer cover